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Model Railway Rolling Stock For Sale

shunter Here at Crewe Junction we offer an extensive range of model railway rolling stock, from steam engines through to the latest high speed locomotives. Both brand new and quality assured second hand trains are available from Hornby, Bachmann, Lima, Mainline and many others.

This web site is an online catalogue, once you have located stock that you are interested in please contact us by email or phone to complete the order. Items are posted by Royal Mail recorded delivery as soon as payment is received.

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Model Trains With Brands: New Hornby, Used Hornby, Bachmann, Lima, GMR/Airfix, Trix, Heljan, Mainline, Replica, Dapol Engines, Wagons and Coaches with of class: 001 Plank + Large Container, 04, 06, 08, 08/09, 1 Plank + Large Container, 1 Plank + Small Container, 1 Plank + Vehicle Load, 101, 12 Ton Hybar Shock Absorbing, 12 Ton Mogo Van, 12 Ton Vent Van, 121, 14 Ton Tank, 14XX 0-4-2T, 14XX 2-4-0t, 158, 159, 16 Ton Steel Mineral, 166, 16ft 20 Ton Std Brake Van, 170, 1st Kitchen, 1st Parlour, 20, 20 Ton Brake Van, 20 Ton Std Brake Van, 20 Ton Steel Mineral, 20 Ton Tanker, 20 Ton Toad Brake Van, 21 Ton Hopper, 24, 25, 26, 2P, 2P 4-4-0, 3 Axle Tank, 3 Plank, 3 Plank + Large Container, 31, 35 Ton Bulk Grain, 37, 3rd Brake, 43, 45 Ton glw MEA Box, 45T VDA/ZRA Long Wheelbase Van, 46, 46 Ton CEA Covered Hopper, 46 Ton glw Hopper HEA, 46 Ton HEA/HBA, 46 Ton Hopper Hea, 466 Networker, 47, 4MT Tank, 4P 2-6-4T, 5 Plank, 5 Plank china clay hooded, 50, 50ft Parcels, 55, 56, 57, 57ft Brake, 58, 59, 5MT 4-6-0, 60, 61XX 2-6-2T, 66, 67, 7 Plank, 7 Plank with Coke rail, 73, 8 Plank, 86, 8F 2-8-0, 9 Plank, 9 Plank Coke, 90, 92, A1, A1/A3 4-6-2, A1X Terrier 0-6-0, A1X Terrier 0-6-0T, A3, A4, A4 4-6-2, Autocar, B1 4-6-0, B17/4 4-6-0, Battle Of Britain 4-6-2, Bft Sub, Bogie Bolster, Brake, Breakdown crane, Britannia 4-6-2, Buffet, Cattle Wagon, Centenary, Collett, Collett 1st/3rd, Collett 2251, Collett 3rd, Collett 60ft Corridor, Collett 60ft Corridor Brake, Coronation 4-6-2, Duchess 4-6-2, GWR Centenary Composite, Hall 4-6-0, Hopper, House, Intermodal, Ivatt 2-6-2T, J13/J52 0-6-0ST, J39 0-6-0, J72 0-6-0T, J94, J94 0-6-0ST, J94 0-6-0T, JGA, Jubilee 4-6-0, LMS 1 Plank + Plank, LMS Ventilated Van, Low Loader, LWB Tank, Merchant Navy 4-6-2, MFA Open Box Mineral, Mk 1 BG, MK 1 Buffet, MK1 BCK, MK1 BG, MK1 FO, Mk2a 1st Class Brake, Mk2a 2nd Class Open, MK2a Brake, MK2a Open, MK2d Open, N, N2, N2 0-6-2T, NE 1 Plank + Conflat, Nelson 4-6-0, O3, Pannier 57XX 0-6-0T, Pannier 8750, Parcel Van, Patriot 4-6-0, Pen, Prarie, Princess 4-6-2, Procor Hopper, PVA/PVB/ZRA Curtain-Sided Van, Q1 0-6-0, Queen Mary Brake, Railway Building, Royal Scott, Royal Train Pack, Scot 4-6-0, Std 4, Std 4 4-6-0, Tanker, TBA, Terrier 0-6-0T, Thompson 63ft, V Schools 4-4-0, V1 2-6-2T, V2 2-6-2, VGA, Wall, WD, West Country 4-6-2

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